Coming Soon

This will be the place where you can come to find information if your passion is in tools.  Are you fascinated by tools of all kinds?  Are you especially fond of any tool that can improve your enjoyment of your woodworking hobby, at least in theory?

Dream of a tool and learn about it. Maybe you can even persuade yourself to buy it and put it on the shelf.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Millions of consumers that can tell you that there is a quiet enjoyment to be had from having a cool tool on the shelf that is going to come in really handy on “that day” when you have the need for it.

This is a tool addict no judgement zone.  Enjoy it, there are so few these days.

Come back soon, come back often.  We look forward to your patronage and hope that you will find this a valuable addition to one small corner of your life.